Larkin and Lacey are two great men who deserve a lot of respect. They have always stood firm on their mission towards defending the immigrants across the whole globe.

In fact, they have faced unfair arrest just in a mission towards ensuring that their people live better lives. In fact, it has been through their efforts that the Arizona immigrants have started to be listened to and they have been able to have a chance to live peacefully. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

They have been able to sacrifice on behalf of other people simply because they have been willing to achieve. People have always defended their cause and they have always committed their skills towards making sure that every agenda that they push is listened to.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started as journalists and they even had a very successful newspaper which was being read by so many people who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. It was called Village Voice media which they established so that they could be able to act as an alternative paper. They used to sell weekly news and even had a lot of online readers who couldn’t stay for a day without reading their awesome content.

The company has been on the field since the year 1970 and they worked successfully towards making sure that they help as many people as possible. They could use the paper to help the immigrants understand their rights better.

One day, the two journalists published and advertised an article that touched on how Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio used to exploit these people. It was during this time when they could not be able to defend their rights better. Read more: Jim Larkin |

They were arrested and taken to cells for what was termed as violating the grand jury secrecy. Later the famous Maricopa county attorney dropped their cases but already the damage had already been done.

Larkin and Lacey were on the verge of losing the Village Voice Media because they had no time to do their activities. Jailing meant that their careers had to come to an end. This was on the other side a very big blow to their careers. They later decided to sue the prosecutor Wilenchick, County attorney Thomas Andrew and also the famous Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

They both had a very difficult moment trying to defend their cause but after about ten years in the courts, the won and were compensated 3.75 million as a settlement. This was the best movement of their lives.

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