The tech industry is filled to the brim with people who have made a career out of doing something that nobody has ever done before. The tech field is uniquely suited to constant innovation because it has become such an integral, every day part of our entire lives. Eric Pulier, the founder of XPrize, has been one of those tech entrepreneurs who has been making a difference in the world exclusively with the work that they do. But how did Pulier become such a talented technology entrepreneurs? Where did he come from?

Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey and it was there that the seeds of his success as tech entrepreneurs would begin to germinate. Pulier started early on in life with his fascination of computers. In 4th grade Pulier was focused on learning how to program and by the time he graduated from highschool in the ’80s he had already begun to run his own computer database company. The seeds of passion are planted early on and it was clear what Pulier wanted from life.

Eventually Pulier would head over to Harvard where he would work as the editor for the Harvard Crimson, the school newspaper. Pulier discussed trending topics while discussing some things that weren’t mainstream yet, but would soon be — such as the global terrorist problem that we see today. Pulier’s time at Harvard would be swift but successful and before he knew it he was heading out to Los Angeles.

Getting to Los Angeles and making a name in Los Angeles are two entirely different prospects, especially for the tech industry. Many people come to the City of Dreams and immediately burn out, never really to be heard from in their field ever again. Pulier hit the ground running and before long he would have started his first company which focused on medicine and education.

Now Pulier is continuing the focus of tech innovation by paying careful attention to the markets. Pulier recently has found success with his micro transaction company, vAtomic Systems, which focuses on bringing digital goods into the real world.

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