Working to build a business is a process that takes as long as the entrepreneur is able to implement unique and powerful ideas. Competition is one of the factors that push a business to stagnate but those who understand the tricks applied to overcome barriers find it easy to emerge leaders. Don Ressler is an example of an entrepreneur whose presence in the world of business has allowed him to learn about many things that affect how a business is managed and run.

Don Ressler founded as his first company and worked on developing the business over several years. One of the unique things that came with the ideas is the fact he began when few people had grips with how the online business arena works. There were challenges penetrating into a market that was still struggling to grow and most of the products he sold would take long on the store. This opportunity also allowed him to learn many things concerning managing a business. After gaining the necessary experience, he proceeded and sold the company in 2001.

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About Alena Media
This step was necessary because he needed capital and was preparing to try something different. After the handover, he joined Adam Goldenberg, with whom he entered into a partnership. The partnership saw the duo launch Alena Media, a company that dealt with marketing and supporting businesses to manage their advertising challenges. Alena Media performed beyond their expectations and they were impressed by what their effort offered. This success motivated them to pursue even bigger ideas that would open their minds to work better.

Don Ressler and Adam sold the company in 2005 and they were able to get the capital they would need to establish their new company. In 2008, they founded Intelligent Beauty, an online-based beauty shop that stocks all types of beauty products. It is a profitable and stable outlet that has been faring well over the years.

About JustFab
JustFab is one of the most important businesses Don Ressler and Goldenberg own. The company sells fashion products and members are able to access deals through the subscription system. JustFab was forced to go for funding to handle the challenges the company was facing after inception.

In 2011, the company was given $33 million by Matrix Ventures to further develop a seamless infrastructure. One year later, JustFab approached several venture capitals for funding and they approved a $76 million loan that would help the company to grow its network to more countries in Europe.

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