According to Malcolm CasSelle, the President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange, we live in a world where you can now own a fraction of a real Babe Ruth trading card, or thirty skins of a digital Babe Ruth trading card, and you can potentially pay for it all with WAX Tokens– a type of digital currency not altogether different from Bitcoins, but designed more specifically for the 400+ million online gamers across the world.

In this October article, President CasSelle explains what WAX is for, how the trading system works and who is responsible, as well as detailing how the the system itself provides security to discourage hacking attempts to derail trade or steal WAX Tokens.

WAX’s digital economy is the latest in CasSelle’s long line of online work, which provided him with plenty of experience to bring to the table.

Educated in Computer Science at both MIT and Stanford University, the multilingual CasSelle began his career in 1995 when he co-founded NetNoir, an Afrocentric media producer. He served four years at Pacific Century Cyber Works, and seven in Capital Union Investments. At Groupon, he worked on a joint venture with Chinese gaming giant Tencent.

In 2012, CasSelle was named CEO of Xfire, and the following year of MediaPass. He co-founded Timeline Labs, a social media tracking service, and served as CEO there until it was bought out by SeaChange International, where he served as Vice President and General Manager of the Digital Media branch. In 2016, he was the Chief Technology Officer at tronc, once called Tribune Publishing.

But these days, CasSelle is at WAX and OPSkins, working to make the online world a better place for transactions at large. He’s not doing it just through his own company, however; investments in various corporations from Facebook and Zynga to smaller Bitcoin related companies ensure CasSelle will likely always have a network to draw in new talent and prop up the digital world with a variety of thinkers all inclined to see digital currencies flourish in the coming future.

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