Despite being so common, arthritis is hardly understood by many people across the globe let alone America. What many people might not know is that the term arthritis refers to joint diseases and not a particular disease, as there are over 100 types of arthritis. At least fifty million adults in the United States Of America have been found to suffer from arthritis, a condition which affect women more than men, and which manifest mainly at old age.

Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, results when the cartilage degenerates, exposing bones to rub against each other as the person moves which leads to stiffness and pain in the joints. Dr. Matthew CiRullo explains that as time goes by the joints weaken and chronic pain may develop. Excess weight, previous injury, history of arthritis in the family and age are factors that increase chances of one developing arthritis. Watch this video on

Seeing as the disease is both degenerative and incurable, the person’s dedication ton self-care goes a long way to determine to what extent the impact of the illness can get controlled.

Located in Wall Township in New Jersey is the Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to providing relief to patients suffering from knee pain due to arthritis in Monmouth County. Before patients go through surgery, they are often taken to Osteo Relief Institute to be helped to explore alternative methods of relief that are less costly and invasive. View the location at Map Quest.

Owing to their sophisticated technology, doctors at Osteo Relief can precisely locate the genesis of a patient’s pain. The clinic aims at helping patients address the disease problems without having to resort to surgical interventions or drugs that might have other effects.

With a board of highly qualified staff at their disposal, the Osteo Relief clinic can correctly diagnose and prescribe methods of alleviating pain without the patient getting confined due to surgical side effects.

Osteo Relief is the solution for those who wish to avoid the pain of arthritis dominating their lives. Combining traditional interventions and modern techniques, the therapists at the clinic, have prescribed an intervention customized for the patient.


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