Fine wine is a social status good who demand is usually specific. It is an expressive good, which in most cases expensive. Clients prefer wine and champagne that meet a specific taste. Suppliers of fine wine who offer customized services are therefore preferred because they give the clients the freedom to choose the fine wine of their choice at their convenience. One such companies, which has specialized in this unique niche market is UKV PLC: a Croydon, Surrey-based fine wine supplier specializing customized fine wine and champagne.

Company Profile
UKV PLC was incorporated in 2015 in Croydon, Surrey as an independent wine company. It is dedicated to acquiring and supplying fine or champagne that matches the theme of the client’s occasion. It offers brokerage services to their clients seeking to buy or sell investment grade wine. Independent operation ensures that UKV PLC has the operational freedom to acquire and supply some of the unique, illustrious and highly sought after champagne and wine brands in the industry. Operations at UKV PLC are managed by two directors: the experienced Peter Anthony Solle and Charles Brodie Agutter. The company also has a secretary, Robert John Edwards. UKV PLC operate in collaboration with several consultants.

Operational Strategy and Product Lines
One of the operational strengths of UKV PLC is client-centered service delivery using an online platform. The company is dedicated to offering high quality wines and champagnes at the convenience of their clients. Therefore, the company offers customized consultation services through their consultants within its offices or informally at the client’s preferred location.

Operating as an independent company enables UKV PLC to source for wine and champagne from a wide array of locations. It also gives the company the freedom to supplier and acquire unique and luxurious brands that meet the client demands without the constraint of supplier loyalty. Their wide array of products including Gruaud-Larose, Dom Perignon, Margaux, and Lafite and Mouton Rothschild brands are sourced from wine regions in Spain, France and Italy. The company is very active on social media including Twitter.

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