Wine tasting and consumption is growing in popularity, but can be an expensive habit. This is especially true if you enjoy trying new wines. However, it’s possible to make money tasting wines instead of spending money if you decide to work with Traveling Vineyard. If you become a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard you can set your own schedule. If you don’t feel qualified, don’t worry. Traveling Vineyard provides all the training and material you need to get started, they even provide the wine to sample.

Traveling Vineyard strives to turn a fun hobby into an enjoyable source of income by enabling you to turn your back yard or home into the hottest spot for wine tasting in your town. This is the perfect job for someone who enjoys hosting, and making their hobby fun and educational. A website called The Tasting Room will provide you with all the training and information you need in order to get started on your Sommology journey. Speaking of Sommology, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are equipped with a Sommology Kit that contains everything they need to know about wine and food pairings, general information about wine, and all the details on Traveling Vineyard’s particular wines. That way when you conduct wine tastings you will sound like you are knowing what you are talking about, because you will know what you are talking about!

Each Wine Guide will also receive a Success Kit that includes two five bottle tasting sets, tasting glasses, order forms and a start-up guide, brochures and flyers, wine accessories, wine bottle and wine glass carrying kits, and your Sommology Kit. All you need to do after that is periodically restock. The Success Kit literally contains everything you need in order to start your home business successfully.

For Wine Guides who prefer Traveling Vineyard working with other people, don’t fret. When you indicate your interest in working for Traveling Vineyard you are assigned to a leader who will help you get started and educate you on how the business works. Team leaders also hold regional events with hands-on training and an opportunity to socialize with your peers. Concerns are addressed and you have an opportunity to relate with people who understand your job. If that isn’t enough, an annual Harvest conference is a great way to gather with your peers for training and fun. Not only will this conference help you to grow in your entrepreneurial skills and wine knowledge, it is a lot of fun. It includes wine tastings of course, but also dancing and costume contests.

If this sounds appealing to you, check out Traveling Vineyard’s website and chat with an online representative to get more information about getting started.

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