Tony Petrello doesn’t just pocket all the earnings he makes at his high-paying position at Nabors Industries. The city of Houston has been the recipient of some important gifts he’s given to them including a relief fund for the victims of hurricane Harvey. In the days after the horrific storm battered Houston and the rest of the coast, Petrello told his employees they could have several days off to see to the safety of their homes and make sure their families were out of harm’s way. But he also started a donation page on his own which he promised to match the total amount given with his own contribution. The amount Petrello matched was $176,000.

Tony Petrello has made as much as $68.7 million in one year, though much of that was tied up in stocks and equity. He’s the Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest oil drilling companies in the world, Nabors Industries, and the company has seen a lot of stock market activity over the past few years. Petrello spends a lot of his time exploring new drilling technology initiatives and overseeing equipment deployment at company sites located across the world. One of the biggest trends happening at the company is the use of new automated software and equipment.

Tony Petrello was a lawyer before he joined Houston’s massive drilling company. He was an honorary student at Yale University where he got his bachelor’s in advanced mathematics. It was highly unexpected when he decided to go to law school, but he believed his ability to solve tough problems would benefit him in the legal field. Petrello served at Baker & McKenzie for 13 years and was great at making tax laws and labor regulations easier for business clients. His knowledge of foreign banking and investing was what led Nabors Industries to welcoming him to the company as Chief Operating Officer in 1991.

His role at Nabors Industries and philanthropy for helping hurricane Harvey victims is not all that Tony Petrello has done. Helping children suffering from brain defects has become important to Petrello because he has a daughter who had periventricular leukomalacia affect her life growing up. He wants future children to be able to get treatment for those kinds of defects, and his work to help them do that has been to support a research institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He’s given the hospital $7 million for research.

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