Roberto Santiago, born in 1958 is an entrepreneur who is known worldwide. He is the CEO of Manaira Shopping, which is a leader in the Brazilian shopping industry. He bought a piece of land in 1987 and began the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall for two years to create a business that offers a variety of products, leisure and tour services all under one roof. The mall comprises of theatre halls, gaming area, bars, a gym, a food court, many restaurants, a bowling alley, financial institutions and several shopping stores. The mall’s College Higher Education of Paraiba also offers educational services.


Roberto Santiago is a fun loving guy and thus has invested in a modern entertainment hub dubbed the Domus Hall, situated on the mall’s rooftop. It is soundproof and air-conditioned plus it has one of the best sound systems. The facility, located on a two-story structure, is subdivided into individual cabins to serve those who need privacy and a ground floor that serves bigger public ceremonies. The Domus Hall is a perfect place where visitors to Brazil can get to learn about the unique Brazilian culture. Domus Hall features cultural festivals, exhibitions, weddings, graduation ceremonies, parties and live concerts.


The Domus Hall can accommodate approximately 4,000 seated people and over 10,000 standing. Domus Hall has attracted top local Brazilian artists and also international artistes thus promoting tourism not only in Joao Pessoa city but Brazil as a whole. Manaira Shopping Mall has eleven hi-tech movie theatres where people get to enjoy favorite 3D movies. Popcorn, ice cream, and bar services are available in the facility.


The shopping mall which started operations in 1989 covers an area of 75 thousand square meters and is the only shopping center of its kind in Paraiba state. Manaira Shopping Mall is strategically located at the center of Joao Pessoa making it an ideal one-stop shopping center for clothes, electronics, food items, jewelry, books, sports gear, furniture, household items and entertainment services. He graduated from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in Business Administration.


Santiago started his career as a blogger, writing about his country’s history. He later ventured into film production besides other businesses. Today, he is an investor. Besides Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago is also the proud owner of another shopping mall known as, Mangeira. He founded Mangeira in 2013. Mangeira Shopping mall is also in Joao Pessoa. It, therefore, confirms Roberto Santiago’s initiative to change the city’s shopping experience. The two malls opened by Santiago have created a lot of equal job opportunities for many in the state of Paraiba. As a result, other companies are continuously relocating their businesses to the city because of the promising potential.


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