The Academy of Art University held it’s 21st runway showcase on September 9th, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Square. There are a wide range of designers from all Mainland China to Coastal Maine. Hailun Zhou is from Qing Duo, China and after showing off her selected creations Hailun has been selected for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase. Other names on the list that is mentioned are: Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodriquez, Say She, Joanna Jadallah, Cana Klefbanoff, Ryan Yu and Jelly Shan. All of these designers/students put their best foot forward and proceed their talents as well.


The Academy of Art University offers a wide range of subjects like design, entertainment, fine arts, and liberal arts. The Art University holds a vast selection of students from all over the globe. The University has accommodating features and strives to provide a welcoming, safe, atmosphere while still maintaining a courteous, professional, and efficient living area. Just like any place of business and teaching the University of Arts has a set of core values to offer potential clients as in Education helping students be prepared for a lifetime of learning, integrity, honesty, appreciation, and respect. That’s just naming a few!


The Art University was founded originally as the Academy of Advertising Art by Richard Stephens in the year of 1929. It holds around 283 full time teachers, 1,154 part time staff members and around 12,600 students. The president of the Art University is Elsa Stephens and this University is located in San Francisco, California. The Art University has participated in the NY Fashion Week event bi-annually since the year of 2005. The University uses a private bus to escort students between dorms, and classrooms. The Art Up doesn’t just Excell in art and helping students expedite their potential, the school also has a sports team called the Urban Knights which competes in nine different sports. The campus keeps their school stylish by rocking their school colors of red and black.


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