Adam Goldenberg is a name that’s become big in the fashion world as the cofounder of a company that has had notable celebrities become a part of including Kimora Lee Simmons who is no longer with the company but was creative director for a while; Kate Hudson who is the company’s biggest endorser, and now Demi Lovato. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded a fashion sales company that started using the power of ecommerce and social media marketing to disrupt the way that traditional fashion shopping was done, and now they’ve decided to rebrand that company. It was initially known as JustFab and started out as a women-only line, but it then added men’s, children’s and athletic wear branches according to It’s now becoming known as TechStyle Fashion Group because of how big data and high-tech apps are being used in its product distribution.

Adam Goldenberg is a man who has explored how to make ecommerce and marketing work all the way through his career. He was only in high school when he first got into marketing and had a company that catered to gamers known as Gamer’s Alliance built from scratch. The ingenuity Goldenberg showed to build that company was seen by Intermix Media who invited him to come work for them. Goldenberg started at this publicly-traded company in Los Angeles when he was only 18, and in two years he became Chief Operating Officer, the youngest executive ever at such a company.

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Goldenberg’s best moments that he would say happened at Intermix Media were when he met and partnered up with Don Ressler. Ressler had joined Intermix Media after they had bought his company and came on to expand their marketing and sales aspects. Goldenberg and Ressler both began experimenting with various product sales and ecommerce stores and in a few years they had built Alena Media, a side company under Intermix Media that they hoped would benefit its new social media platform, MySpace. At first it looked promising, but then when NewsCorp bought Intermix Media Alena was phased out.

Adam Goldenberg and Ressler decided it was time to leave Intermix Media and run their own marketing and sales company. It started with Intelligent Beauty and several health and beauty products distributed under that name. But then the two entrepreneurs decided to try fashion and build a social media based company that would also have inexpensive attire. In 2010 with seed funding from Matrix Partners and several other key investors, TechStyle Fashion Group then known as JustFab was launched. In 2014 it became independent of venture funding.

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