It is evident that LED lighting is by far more cost and energy efficient in the long run than incandescent lighting. This isn’t where the benefits end for LED lights, especially for commercial property owners. LED lights are able to withstand harsh conditions and they are highly durable. Their resistance to shock and vibrations and ability to keep working despite exposure to extreme cold or heat and wind and rain, is incomparable. This makes LED lighting fixtures a wonderful option for construction and manufacturing businesses. LED lighting can also be designed to improve the mood of the people working in a space. This is something that those who work long hours can appreciate, as it not only helps to lift the mood but it also has shown effectiveness in making the mind sharper. LED mood illumination is already being prominently used in classrooms for those exact reasons. This is a different type of energy efficiency that can’t be found in any other lighting fixture. LED lighting can improve the overall energy efficiency of businesses in the following industries: hospitality, retail, logistics, and office spaces. Using applications from enterprise lighting IoT solutions provider, Gooee, can tremendously improve the LED lighting functionality in your business. By integrating the sensing and WIM hardware from Gooee into your business you can have predictive lighting analytics. Using this feature allows you, as a commercial property owner, to know when lights may fail with a predictive end of life analysis. You will also be able to clearly see LED performance metrics, and information regarding real-time energy consumption.
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