There are a number of high-quality food manufactures in the world today. These companies supply the goods to the general public in a number of ways. Many of your favorite restaurants are also being supplied by these companies on an annual basis. Grocery-store chains and neighborhood supermarkets depend on food manufactures as well, but there are a few food retailors that manufacture their own goods. OSI Industries sits at the apex of this exclusive field thanks to its capabilities. This foods ervice provider serves across all borders even though it’s headquartered in the U.S.

OSI Industries dates back to 1909. Back in the old days, the company was named Otto & Sons, and it was family-owned. Otto & Sons was a small meat market kind of business, but it had great aspirations to become something much bigger. As it supplied the immediate area, word began to get around about how well the company conducted itself. Before too long, Otto & Sons found itself swamped with orders from all across the American Midwest. Those were the good old days of doing business on local level. As of today, Otto & Sons is now known as OSI Industries, and it has an international client-base. There is a total of 65 advanced facilities from this company, and they stretch-out across 17 different countries. Manufacturing food is what it does best, and it has a wide range of food products to choose from, including fritters, Tofu, cooked sausage links, desserts, pot roast, beef patties, hotdogs, meatballs, cookies, onions, cucumbers, panini, flatbread and a host of others.

Big time growth has come from networking. On the other hand, the company does a wonderful job of acquiring stake from other similar businesses. Tyson Foods, BAHO Food and Flagship Europe has all been acquired by OSI Industries. As the public’s demands continue to grow, OSI Industries will mirror the effect by expanding further than it ever thought was possible.

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