The association of Texas Bankers has been holding a strategic conference every year for a number of years now. The themes of these conferences vary from one year to the next, but the importance of the event cannot be undermined. Last year, the conference was held in New Orleans Louisiana and many of the stakeholders were in attendance. The agenda of the meeting was to look into the unique challenges that affect community bankers and get useful solutions. The year’s meeting was also attended by the CEO of Nexbank, John Holt.

The main theme of the meeting was to the reinvention of community banking and turning around of the existing perspectives in competition. The aim of the meeting was to look at IT and how it has changed the landscape of community banking. The CEO of Nexbank made a very meaningful contribution to the conference. He stated that he was proud to be part of an organization that had been offering their services for close to a hundred years. He state that the management team was doing all they could manage to make the concept of community banking work better for all the people involved.

He went ahead to outline the various projects that Nexbank was part of. These include the Merger with the Dallas College Savings Bank, the offering of affordable Mortgages to the people of the lower Dallas region among others. He stated that when parents of low income earning regions got homes, their children got a sense of security and this settlement led to better performance at school and improved livelihoods.

The bank offers commercial, institutional and Mortgage lending. They have been very successful when it comes to getting ideal solutions for their customers. The organization believes in the use of innovations that help their clients improve their livelihoods at an affordable cost.


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