A video chat product created by the company Talk Fusion was recognized for it’s incredibly innovative new additions to how we use video chat that will undoubtedly leave an imprint on the buisness world, and change the market for video communication products in the future.

Talk Fusion was given the Communication Solutions Products of the Year award from The Technology Marketing Corporation. This is an award meant to recognize, honor, and publicize products that have created new, innovative products and upped the standard in the market.

Bob Reina, the CEO and co founder of Talk Fusion says that as far as this product has gotten so far, that it is only the begging. He claims that Talk Fusion already has big plans to expand on their product and turn it into a video communication product that can be used in all methods of communication. This will likely include new innovations in the field of video emailing, and video chatting.

Talk Fusion was created as a way to make video communication an easier process for both businesses and individuals. The company got it’s start in 2007, and since then has been taken that market by surprise with their rapidly growing success.

Although they’ve been growing at an accelerated rate since the beginning, 2016 has arguably been one of their most successful years thus far. They released WebRTC Recorder, Free Trials, and started up their new website “TalkfusionInstantPay.com“. It is amazing to see one company accomplish so much in just one year, and it truly shows how deserving they are of the award.

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