Talk Fusion just added new conferencing software to improve the current communications program, Live Meetings. The new addition is an interface with the application called WebRTC. WebRTC expands Talk Fusion’s independent marketers communications possibilities.

With Live Meetings, Talk Fusion’s independent marketers could have host video-based conferences and produce one-way videos. Up to 15 hosts could speak to up to 500 guests that participated via Smartphone, PC or tablet.

WebRTC creates more options for Talk Fusion’s independent marketers. The RTC in WebRTC stands for real time communication and it is unique because it runs natively from a web browser. All the user needs is access to the web to benefit from WebRTC. Users can use audio, video and data communications in real time.

WebRTC allows your server to help you set up a communication between browsers and then bypass the server all together. Once your browsers are connected, you’ll be able to share data with others through this connection, so the delay normally experienced when the server intercepts your connection is no longer there, thus real time communication is established.

The beauty of WebRTC for Talk Fusion is that its independent marketers no longer have to download Adobe Flash player before they can participate in a conference. To use WebRTC, no other plug-ins are needed. Talk Fusion’s use of this software makes it less probable that independent marketers will be delayed when joining online discussions and conferences.

Talk Fusions founder is forever seeking the latest technology to advance the company he started in 2007. At that time, he and a friend started Talk Fusion with a single product, video email.

Since then, he and his business associates have expanded Talk Fusion to include sales of “Video Suite”, consisting of video email marketing and video conferencing to individuals and small businesses.

Talk Fusion’s independent marketers work in 135 countries. Potential consumers can try the product for 30 days free of charge. Independent marketers can learn their craft at Talk Fusion University as of June, 2017. There they can learn how to sell Video Suite and they can master the craft as well as become better business builders.

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