On the southeastern section there are 20 homes belonging to Sussex healthcare in the United Kingdom. The company started back in 1985. They have made it a goal to help residents suffering from traumatic injuries, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and lesions that attack the spine. The business has hired a list a specialists that are on call 24/7 to handle all issues. Their main focus is to assist residents with hydrotherapy, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Sussex healthcare has been very successful in their services over the years. That said, two major organizations has certified them within the industry. As for careers as a home health aide, there has been an increase in the last 10 years for these types of jobs. Medical centers across the country are experiencing an unprecedented shortage in nurses. Even with career demands as a home health aide, reports only show a small increase of 16% or less. There was also an increase in average costs for home services of 35%. There is no doubt that the home health aide industry in 5 years will go up by 12%.

Custom care will soon become popular among 10.8 million people living in the U.K. Sussex healthcare prides itself on how their staff handles the evaluation process. Staff is trained to find out resident activities, all medical conditions and prior caregiver information. While they also look at mobility issues, specialists take the time to create strategies to help symptoms and most of all understand the residents.

Management conducts group sessions using hydrotherapy geared toward better flexibility, toughen joints, eliminate soreness and strengthen the mind. Sussex healthcare gives residents an opportunity to enjoy craft activities. Research shows that the sessions are helpful to residents who engage in the creative arts. It’s changes their overall problems with their joints in their hands and boosts their memory.

Sussex healthcare’s reflexology department gives residents massages for relief of many problems. Many have less stiffness in their joints and a decrease in their migraines. Massages have been known to boost energy because they enhance the amount of hormones in body. This activity also helps with bone density, mental focus and reduction and anxiety.

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