There are many companies that are currently participating in the very lucrative public safety, corrections and convict monitoring industries. One of the most successful companies in these industries has been Securus Technologies. Their revolutionary products have helped to make the world a much safer place than it was before. They were recently recognized for the attention they pay to their customers. The annual Stevie Awards took place in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. It was a gala affair attended by some of the biggest and most powerful people in the industry. The Stevie Awards celebrate companies that have clearly shown themselves to be superior in the areas of business development, sales and customer service.


Securus took home the Gold Stevie Award for having the best customer service operation in 2016. There are also silver and bronze Stevie Awards that are handed out. The amount of nominations went up by a total of 10 percent from last year’s awards show. The total was so high that almost 80 judges were required to sift through all of those nominations to determine the winners. The companies with the highest average scores took home the trophies. Representatives from Securus said that the big win will not make them rest on their laurels. They will continue to innovate ways to improve their customer service.


Areas such as the amount of time that customers are left waiting on hold are taken into consideration when deciding which company deserves the Gold Stevie Award. There were other awards that were presented to companies that had the most outstanding contact center and consulting practice. Securus is proud to be recognized with such an important award in their industry. They consider the Gold Stevie Award to be the product of hard work and determination. They are always striving to be the best.


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  1. Gabriela Zion

    I think even more award awaits them because the technological innovation they have introduced to the public domain is one worthy of several commendations. Although this assignment writing reviews would serve as a better guild, securus technology is one that has ensured adequate safety in public facilities like correctional facilities. The team behind this innovation should expect more awards because they deserve it and this goes to be of great lesson to other innovators to put in more effort in making life changing technologies.


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