Inmate communications is a big business in the United States. These companies serve a vulnerable population during a time when they need to connect with family members who are locked up. Two big companies in this industry, Securus and GlobalTel Link (GTL), serve millions of prisoners across the country. Securus has released a statement, saying that over a period of time they will be releasing a series of press releases, findings, and reports that show GTL has been unfairly billing their customers.

GTL has been accused of unfair billing and fraud in the past. The company has even had class action law suits brought against them. Richard Smith, CEO of Securus, said that they are releasing this information to the public to protect the reputation of the industry. If consumers feel that GTL has committed wrongdoings, then they may not trust other companies in the industry. The Securus press releases will begin with a report from the Louisiana Public Service Commission when the GTL served the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

The report shows the findings of the LPSC investigations. GTL added time to calls, charged customers higher than allowed rates, double billed calls, and added extra fees.

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications and offender management company. They strive to provide high quality services in addition to quality customer service. Securus recently secured an A+ with the BBB, which shows excellence in service and product.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. Gerud Stephenson

    The investgation found that GTL customers were overcharged an amount of 1,243,000. The findings were dated in 1998, and with the current lawsuits GTL is facing, it looks like their actions have not changed. This is a serious willm for them to be able to communicate to australianwritings and to make sure that these things result in a cooler sense.

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