One of the greatest professional accolades that a business can receive is getting a high rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is an international agency that provides business ethics ratings on hundreds of thousands of businesses located across the globe. The company provides ratings on an A to F scale, giving the highest A+ rating to only the most ethical and customer-focused companies.

Earlier this year, Securus Technologies received notification that they had received the prestigious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company was only able to receive the high rating after it went through a very rigorous and time-consuming interview and review process. The Better Business Bureau focused on several aspects of the company’s operations, including its ability to handle customer complaints, its ability to deliver what was promised, and its ability to embody overall integrity. One of the largest drivers of the company’s high rating was its customer service dedication, which included the opening of a 200+ seat customer service station that is dedicated to meeting client needs.


The recent accolade is only the most recent success for Securus Technologies. The Dallas, Texas based company has quickly become a leader in providing security and communication services to correctional facilities across the country. The company employs over 1,200 people across the United States and sells and provides services and products to thousands of different facilities. Their most popular product is currently their video visitation service, which has helped to make a correctional facility a safer and more efficient place to visit and work at. Stay up to date with Securus on

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