An investment firm by the name of Solo Capital is rising to the well-known charts of the investment world, and CEO and founder, Sanjay Shah is the man responsible. Solo Capital is a company that he started after his accounting career and he had no idea of the success he was about to jump into. The company has only been around for a few years, but has jumped into the million dollar mark as one of the most successful investment firms in the Dubai and London areas. There are over thirty nine offices that are operating as Solo Capital investments, and this has allowed Shah to be able to retire in a way that he can oversee the company’s success, but continue on with some of his other areas of interest. He started Solo Capital after quitting his career as an accountant. He grew tired of the hustle and the commute back and forth. He gave himself a year to make the company function and be successful, which it did, and now has taken off.

He actually started his career studying medicine. As a Kenyan native, he moved to Central London with his family to study at Boston College. After a few classes and a semester, he decided it wasn’t for him and he decided to study accounting. He has owned many other businesses aside from Solo Capital, but could never anticipate the success the company would carry. It has allowed him to lay his focus on a charity even that he recently started called Autism Rocks.

In 2014, Shah launched Autism Rocks to help aid in the awareness and research of the neurological condition. After a luncheon visit with his longtime friend Snoop Dogg, he decided to get back into the music business. Autism Rocks is based on performing music artists who agree to put on concert gigs in efforts to help raise money for the charity so it can be donated to research and other programs.


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    Shah wants to better understand the condition, as it falls very close to his heart. The site is at which is the best site to visit in recent times. He graduated and started working for some of the world’s major investment companies and banking business.

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