Recent weather events in Florida have dealt the real estate market in Miami and throughout Florida a major blow. Just how bad this blow will be remains to be seen. However, Samuel Strauch is confident that the real estate market in Miami will be back stronger and better than before.

Why is Strauch so confident that the Miami and South Florida real estate market will kick right back up? He argues that Florida has seen hurricane after hurricane, year after year. While the real estate and tourism sectors may drop, they almost always rise back up again sooner or later.

It is true that investors and builders are warier after a major hurricane such as Irma. However, there is still a great demand for housing, hotels and industry to be built in Miami, Florida. The fact that there is a major profit factor at play is a big motivator to businesses and builders. This is why Samuel Strauch believes that these major players and financiers will be back before long.

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Buyers too will be back according to Samuel Strauch on Demand may be low after a hurricane, but it should increase as recovery and rebuilding is complete. With flood insurance and seasonal homes, the risk is reduced says Strauch. Another thing that eases investors and buyers is the strict building codes that Florida law now requires.

If you are unfamiliar with Florida’s history, you should know that Hurricane Andrew left a wide swathe of devastation throughout Florida in 1992. Its devastation was a learning point. New building codes were adopted to reduce damage and safeguard lives and property. The result of the new building codes is that Florida’s infrastructure is now designed and built to withstand hurricanes and floods. Unless nature comes up with super massive hurricanes, most buildings in Florida should be safe from the occasional hurricane that pops up every now and then along the Florida peninsula.

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Real Estate. He leads the company and oversees the company’s investments, property management and sales team. Mr. Strauch had decades of experience in working in the finance and real estate sector. He holds degrees in business and international management.

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