Mr Samuel Strauch is the founder and Principal of the real estate company Metrik Real Estate, The company joined the industry in the middle of 2002 and has been very successful.

Mr Samuel Strauch lives in Miami in the state of Florida, and his company is based there as well. The location of Miami Beach is among the hottest spots in the market of real estate. Mr Samuel Strauch graduated with a master’s degree from the Hofstra University in New York City, majoring in Business. He has also attended Harvard as well as the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Initially, Mr Strauch started a career as a banker, but after a few years, he decided to join the family business of real estate investment and development.

In a recent Interview, Mr Samuel Strauch shared his thoughts on the business and talked about what a person needs to be good at it. Among the first things is understanding. The finest details of the firm need to be clear to the person. A real estate businessperson needs to be able to analyse well, to be innovative and transparent with clients, business partners, and employees. Collaboration is inevitable, and honesty is a requirement.

A successful businessperson in real estate needs to understand the inner working of investment as well. Sometimes value can be found in unsuspected projects and many people miss out on those opportunities because their mindset is ”go big or go home”.

The most exciting aspect of the real estate business for Mr Samuel Strauch is the fact that he provides homes for people and that means safety, happiness, and a family. He also loves learning about the fine details of the business and regularly attends and gives seminars and lectures on the topic. Mr Samuel Strauch is also the author of several editorial writing that teaches about his line of work.

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