There are many different options that people have for shopping at Manaira Mall. This has set the mall apart from the things that the people were doing in other areas of the city and has also made it the premier shopping option for people who are in Brazil. While Roberto Santiago has made the mall one of the best shopping centers in the city, he has also managed to make it a tourist destination that people will be able to enjoy no matter what they are doing in the city and what they are hoping to find in Brazil. All of this is what Roberto Santiago planned on when he was creating the mall and all of the options that he added were for the convenience of all of the people who have chosen to visit the mall. Because of the way that things have worked for those who are in the mall and those who visit the mall, Roberto Santiago sees a lot of success.


When the mall first opened, Roberto Santiago made sure that things would work well for all of the people who were in the mall. He chose to feature dining options and shopping options that he knew people would want. These not only included things like chain stores and popular retail stores but it was also a combination of designers and authentic options for people who were in the city. Since Roberto Santiago worked so hard on the retail options, he was able to get what he needed from the mall.


While the Manaira Mall was growing, Roberto Santiago recognized that there was a need for the entertainment options that people came to expect from a shopping mall. For that reason, he put in an entertainment center. This included over 11 movie theaters that people could choose to see the latest hit movies at. From there, he made the decision to put in an expo center on the roof of the mall. This is where people can see events and cultural information. It is also where people are able to see international artists perform in concert.


Now that Manaira Mall has grown to the point where it is at today, people are getting what they came for from the mall. This is something that has truly set the mall apart from other places and something that has made it easier for people to get what they need. Roberto Santiago made sure that people would also be able to enjoy other things that the mall has to offer. For example, he put a hotel into the space that is adjacent to the mall. Now, people can choose to stay close to where they are visiting the mall.


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