The name Paul Mampilly is not new to people who have delved into the industry of investment. The American entrepreneur doubles as a financial guru and is well known for serving in the financial world. All too often, he has worked as a financial analyst at Wall Street. Currently, he is a huge contributor to Banyan Hill publishing where he works as an advisor to investors. In fact, he recently graced financial news headlines with his input through Profits Unlimited. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Background Data

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter project started by Paul Mampilly. The newsletter seeks to decipher critical information about businesses and their nature. Inclusive in these newsletters are essential statistics based on the market shift and the financial position of different stock markets.


Before he started the Profits Unlimited business, Paul Mampilly worked at Bankers Trust. He was the assistant portfolio manager and was very instrumental in building the company’s portfolio into a revolutionary asset management company. He displayed a particular passion for financial management by incorporating outstanding skills and expertise. Visit to know more.

Career and Experience

When he left Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly joined Kinetics Asset Management. In his tenure, he made sure that it became the world’s hedge fund. That is how he continued to create a strong profile for his business platform. He also managed to work with financial moguls who were always on the right track of business. Through these interactions, Paul Mampilly managed to garner vast knowledge on how to spot safe and low-risk investment opportunities. Until now, he has helped thousands of investors to make the right investment decision.

Additional Information

At Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly is in charge of spotting setbacks in companies. He uses the wealth of knowledge he possesses to make sure that such companies are well catered to in terms of financial safety. Additionally, he attends business talks to offers constructive speeches on the value of making more money from the hard-earned money. That is besides giving Americans hope in making the right investment decision.

Moreover, the internet is most of the time filled with dubious schemes in the name of investment. That is why most of the time Americans rely on Paul’s newsletters for insight. For Mampilly, customers come first, and that defines his purpose in the industry.

The Overview

As Mampilly continues to populate the world of investment and business, it is clear that people are now making safe investment risks that bear fruits.


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