The mighty OSI Group continues to grow and expand its world wide operation to the benefit of us all. Being top leaders in the food production and service industry, OSI Industries takes their roll seriously. The size and scope of the company requires great responsibility, not only for its employees but also for the environment in which we all live and work.

The growth includes acquisitions of other fine companies which is a natural path for any business to take, whether it is acquiring or being acquired. The recent merger with Baho Food Co., a Dutch producer of fine food products, has given OSI Industries a broader presence in Europe including 18 different countries. This ensures continued improvements in quality and diversity of food products and services which is good for everyone.

Indeed the global presence of OSI Industries has raised the bar for everyone and that means the quality and services only get better and better. The worldwide staff of over 20,000 employees is one of the largest on Earth and each and every one of them is dedicated to providing fine food and also caring for the very environment in which we all live (and eat). This includes all of the fine people who come with each and every acquisition.

The environmental footprint of the OSI Group is a top priority because it directly effects the production and quality of every product made. Their concerns in this regard are reflected in the recognition they receive and awards they win such as one of the previously presented awards in 2016 of the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The tremendous people of Baho Foods share this concern.

OSI Industries stands proud of its achievements and continues to break new ground in food service and environmental protection. Researching and developing new products; creating better business practices; focusing on every detail of the process from end to end and caring for all of their employees is just naming a few of the important aspects of an industry which has stood the test of time, and OSI Industries does not see an end, only a future.

The door is open and all are welcome. If you are seeking a wonderful career or looking for the finest food available for your own business, OSI Group is specifically and diligently standing ready to care for and provide for your every unique need.

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