OSI Group has extensive capabilities steeped in long history. The company’s unparalleled resource base enables it to specialize in customer-centric value-added food products, with a history of supplying some of the world’s leading fast food retailers and service providers such as Starbucks and McDonald’s. OSI Group has grown in leaps and bounds since its founding in 1909 to become one of the largest corporations in the United States and the world’s leader in its area of specialty: supplier of value-added food products. Its successes have been achieved through impressive business dealings and strategies including partnerships and acquisitions of food companies strategically located in key markets. The company’s success is also pillared on excellent management team with vision and focus to drive the company forward.

Organizational Profile: Products and Services

OSI Group is a specialist in custom-made food products that meet the unique tastes and preferences of their global clientele. The Aurora, Illinois-based company takes into consideration of the precise specifications of their clients to manufacture, produce and process innovative food products in its facilities spread across over three continents. The company also helps their clients in ensuring that the products reach them safely and in time by helping the management of the supply chain.

Expansion Strategies

OSI Group has over the years adopted an expansion-oriented to business operations. It has opened several new warehouses and factories in the United States while also further increasing its presence in the Americas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Canada and the United States. In Canada, the global leader in food supply has partnered with several entities including supermarkets to improve service delivery. The company has opened new facilities and units in China, Poland, Philippines and Austria. It also has operations in Australia, Hungary, India and Japan. To cement its position as a world leader, the company has acquired and entered into partnerships with companies in Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This includes Baho Foods and its five subsidiaries, and UK’s Flagship Europe.


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