Reports from the Annals of Internal Medicine confirmed that drinking coffee helps to reduce risk associated stroke and heart diseases. Many scholars have studied the health benefits of coffee in prolonging life. From the studies, it is clear that coffee lowers the chances of the users getting cancer, diabetes, and kidney infection in Japanese Americans, African-Americans, whites, and Latinos.

According to Veronica W. Setiawan, an author and professor stated that coffee is good for everyone regardless of their race. She went ahead and pointed out the association between coffee and lifespan of an individual. Another survey was conducted in European where ten countries were sampled. From the outcome, it is evident that those who drank coffee daily had lower death risks to persons who did not consume it.


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Business Opportunity

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Charity Work

ORGANO sponsors the OG Cares Foundation the non-profit movement tries to boost the youth wellness by creating opportunities to involve them in growing the community. The organization provides a platform where the young people can come up with ideas to help the future generations.

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