The music industry is a wide scope marked by artists from different walks of life. Some have inspiring stories, characters and passion while others are full of controversies day in day out. One of the artists that have made a huge contribution in creating positivism in the music industry is Norka Martinez Luque. She is a Venezuelan musician currently based in Miami, FL.

Her story as a musician is compelling. Luque always had a passion for music since she was a toddler. She tells the story of how she used to enjoy seamless support from her parents who wanted her to build herself musically and hopefully inspire the world with it. She began attending vocal lessons and other forms of musical training alongside her normal education at a young age.

The product of what began as a hobby is what we see and hear about Norka today. Norka Luque is now a big stage artist who performs music from pop, urban, Latin and dance genres. She is inspired by the positivism that music can create in the society. She strongly taps into this potential to preach a positive message to her fans through prudently constructed lyrics. She recognizes that even as new rhythms are being created every day, they should not change the way music connects with people emotionally.

Norka Luque has her own record label known as NorkaMusic Productions LLC. She uses her label to build herself in the competitive music industry in the US. She also helps other artists build themselves through the label.

In 2011, Luque got a nomination for the “Female Pop Artist of the Year” in Premios Lo Nuestro with her single “As You Do”. In 2012, she released a new song called Miracle. The song was a top hit in Venezuelan charts for many weeks making her one of the most successful women singers in Venezuelan music industry.

Before she fully joined the music industry, Norka worked as a banker in Monaco after she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. While in France, she started a band known as Bad Moon Rising that performed in various tunes. It was at this time that she gained recognition for her efforts from Emillio Estan, a music mogul in Venezuela. Norka Luque admires the work of many artists from USA and Venezuela. Find more information for Norka Luque on her website.

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