This year, the Democrats and the Republicans will try to control the United States Congress by campaigning their candidates and hoping that the people will side with them. However, the Democrats have the edge on this year’s midterm elections because of a specific application that could give them a considerable turnout – an application developed by NGP VAN. The introduction of these apps into the world of politics has been a game changer, and it was also noted out by an author stating that the technology-intensive campaigns would shape the future history of the world, and those who have the advantage over the technology would win the elections.

Embracing technologies like NGP Van has been a recent trend. The Democrats are the one using these applications more frequently compared to the Republicans, and they have produced surprising results. Throughout the campaign period, candidates under the Democrats are being subjected to use the application so that they could have their advantage over their opponents. According to an author, the use of these technologies in campaigning would boost the candidate’s turnout, and the collection of data would help them understand the landscape of the battlefield they will be entering to. Former President Barack Obama used the same technology to gather an enormous amount of votes during the 2008 and 2012 presidential race, and the Democrats are the ones behind his success.

During the 2008 United States Presidential Elections, NGP Van helped the Democrats by creating an application that would allow their supporters to canvass independently and hold separate meetings around the country discussing their election strategy. A web-based platform was also set up to mobilize the supporters and allow them to encourage other people that are also identified as Democrats but are too lazy to participate. This extensive campaign that resulted from the applications developed by NGP Van gave the Democrats a whopping 14.5 million votes, securing former President Barack Obama’s victory. A lot of these people belong to the youth sector, and they have benefited from the technology because of their dependence on technology.

Social media is also being used by the election candidates to secure votes from the public. Since the rise of Twitter and Facebook, many candidates are creating their social media accounts to engage with their supporters. They believe that by using the same platform that their supporters are also using, they could easily promote themselves and win the upcoming election.

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