Davos Real Estate Group, headed by David Osio, has released a new mobile real estate app called “Davos CAP Calculator” that promises to be a vital real estate tool. IT has been designed to aid potential buyers with an estimation on the monetary return on investments made on prospective real estate purchases. Read more: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/32284716/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application

David Osio, is founder and CEO of the Davos Financial Group based in Venezuela. This company has been in business since 1993 and its goal is to provide financial guidance to a premier customer base. Osio has guided the Davos Financial Group to realize profits and success and allowed him to oversee independent and licensed companies around the world including places in the United States, Geneva and Panama. Osio has a superior work record that began in 1981 where he managed a coffee export program as well as holding the position as president and CEO of OPED Enterprise. He moved on to a supervisory position for a company called LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. This business allowed him to create marketing programs for industrial products located in the United States. He was quickly recognized for his business skills in this company and climbed the corporate ladder, realizing a position at the highest ranks of the company.

In 1984 David Osio turned his attentions to banking law and worked for the Caracas law firm MGO located in Venezuela. His knowledge of the banking industry bolstered his position in the firm and he rose within the ranks, again very quickly, to become Vice President of Banking Commercial. His tenure at this company realized significant growth for the company. He then decided in 1993 to form his own company.

David Osio’s concentration now is on his new mobile application, readily available for both the Apple platform as well as the Android version, and is geared to help users identify properties on a mobile device and build reliable historical real estate reports to communicate with agents at Davos. This communication comes by an interactive live chat. The goal of Davos REG is to set a business objective that will allow the application to financially guide clients and assist in the lucrative business of real estate investments in the United States. Spokesman, Gerard Gonzalez stated that the application has been developed to be an interactive tool that will allow their elite investors to produce a clearer fiscal vision when it comes to purchasing properties.

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  1. Tatiana Reece

    Real estate has also become one of the best ways to make limitless amount of money in our modern world. It is business that has made a lot of people fortune.

    David has really tried a lot in making sure that he takes real estate to another level with his state of the art mobile application. I’m pretty sure that even in his relationship starters blog facebook group or page including his twitter page, many people would have commented and commended him for his outstanding effort.

    This will go a long way in making the real estate investment something worthwhile and in the long run bring a lot of income opportunities for those who would want to delve into the this lucrative form of investment.


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