Netpicks has almost two decades of experience proffering top-quality advice and techniques to the average trader. Today they share one of their very own strategies that has been found highly effective during the unstable summer months.

The Lock and Walk technique has been applied by trading master for a long time and has a glistening history of success. Of Course, it is essential to understand that a good plan may not be good enough for tomorrow, Nevertheless, if you can understand the underlying principles that make the Lock and Walk plan a success, it is possible to improve your chances for big wins in the online markets.

Understanding the Lock and Walk Strategy

This strategy has been designed to work with the support and resistance levels found in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, +144%. It is not a particularly complex set of rules and just about anyone can apply this school of thought to their regular trading patterns.

-The resistance must be targeted for sale when the support is tested by the QLD.

-The QLD should be sold if the support breaks.

-The support should be targeted for sale if the QID tests the resistance

-The QID should be sold once the resistance breaks.

As mentioned, it is all pretty simplistic, especially to those who have practiced some sort of tech analysis. All you must do is sell close to the resistance and buy close to the support. Once the support is broken it is time to stop out. Continue reading here on

Another important rule to keep in mind is that will affect the way you apply the Lock and Walk plan. The strategy has been designed so that after it has gained 67 points it is decommissioned until the next trading session is open. What this means is that it is not so useful in establishing a long-term position. This is the very thing that make is an effective strategy to apply in these testy summer months. Additional reading here

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