A recent article posted by Marketwatch.com offers a few simple strategies to earn a profit trading during the summer. Only a few month ago investors thought highly of the technology market, believing that its growth was unstoppable.

However, as profits began to decrease investors on Wall street have become more reserved and nervous when dealing and trading within the technology-sector. Fluctuations during the summer months is not something new for Wall Street. These months are titled the “Choppy Market” and those who are prepared plan accordingly by forming a proactive strategy to handle any turbulence that might arise.

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Below are a few strategies to follow during the Choppy Market summer months. Even though they have been repeatedly tested as far back as the summer of 2000, and been profitable, there is no guarantee that their past performances will always bring about positive results. One of these major strategies was made to monitor the support and resistance levels of Nasdaq 100(NDX). If the support and resistance levels are being tested or broken then trading shares of ProShares UltraShort(QID) and ProShares Ultra(QLD) should offset a large portion of the damage. By following these rules investors are most likely to survive the Choppy Market with a profit.

There are several other sources for investing a trading information available for those who are just starting or those who are more experienced. One company who is both highly respected and considered a gold standard in trading education is Netpicks. Founded in 1996, Netpicks has been around almost as long as day trading and online trading. The headquarters of Netpicks is in Irving, Texas.  For NetPicks latest updates, visit NetPicks linkedin.com page.

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The company strives to help their clients achieve success by providing education on the subjects of Stocks, Forex, Options, Futures and ETFs as well as swing trading and day trading. Mark Soberman and his team of trading professionals have about three decades of personal trading experience and two decades of trading education experience. They have seen the highs and lows of Wall Street. Most of the staff at Netpicks is actively participating with trades and are able to give up to date advice on the market. For NetPicks contact info, hit this.

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