Among the many churches throughout the U.S. that serve as places of worship for congregants and community residents as well, there is one dynamic center that is truly enfused with the “spiritual stuff” that makes a quality place of worship.

Found in the Twin City of Minneapolis, visitors and worshipers to Mighty Fortress Church (MFC) alike have no trouble finding themselves at home nor sharing in inspirationally motivated exercises of fellowship and community outreach. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Mighty Fortress Church

Biblical Foundation

Led by Bishop Williams, a man who firmly believes that the answers to life’s many complexities can all be found within the pages of the Holy Scriptures, this is one church based firmly on the Word of God with no compromise in any sense.

Spirit-Led Worship

From music ministry to the outreach towards community members in general, MFC encourages members to let the Holy Spirit lead in their personal lives as well as in their worship.

Having services, activities and events to suit people of all ages, lifestyles, cultures and races, visitors and members soon find themselves in an atmosphere that promotes peace, love and unity as part of God’s providential plan for their lives. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Holy Ghost Life Changing Experiences

Taking what they have learned and seen by example, those joining the comforting worship environment of MFC soon find the God of the Mighty Fortress Church intervening and blessing their own lives and of many others who attend as well.

Giving participants in the community of worshipers an opportunity to freely praise God, demonstrate their own spiritual gifts and talents, those in attendance will become skilled warriors in winning the battles of life no matter what they maybe.

Some Background On God’s Man at MFC

If a church is truly of God, then God set the man to lead His flock. Such is the case with Bishop and Senior Pastor, T.R. Williams. Married to Sabrina R. Grant–Williams, and father of three children, this is one family that stands committed God, family and their faith family as well.

This Rhema Bible Training Center graduate has been in God’s service for over 30 years. With a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, and a master’s degree in organizational leadership, Bishop Williams comes more than prepared to lead members at Mighty Fortress Church with his dynamic leadership and spiritual wisdom.


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