If you’ve never heard of Market America, you may have heard of their website, shop.com. This website offers customers chance to check prices among retailers to find the best price available. The website also allows customers to shop among a broad range of retailers all in one place. The website also has its own exclusive brands for those looking for an even better deal. Cash back is one of the major draws to the website. Some items give customers a significant amount back, sometimes up to 50 percent. The company also offers members an exciting opportunity to promote website and to attract new customers and affiliates. This business model termed the “UnFranchise” is unique to Market America.

The slogan of Market America is “Built on product. Powered by people.” This is a rather accurate slogan as Market America has affiliates that promote the shop.com site and try to gain new recruits to help further market it. The business opportunity gains momentum being endorsed by several celebrities. As Market America recently celebrated its 25 year anniversary, it also recognized the more than 25,000 entrepreneurs that have contributed to its success. Not bad for a company that JR and Loren Ridinger started out of their home in 1992.

Market America has also earned an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is quite an accomplishment for a company that has so many representatives under its belt. The company has also expanded globally over the years and now does business in nearly every part of the world. Offering its opportunity to others to open their own shop.com websites, known as partner stores, gives many a chance at success. The company provides its UnFranchise business owners ongoing training opportunities and support. This is also a great benefit in customer service, as this is often a concern with online shopping. More information is available at the shop.com website regarding products and business opportunities.

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