Women’s health is becoming an important factor in the United States in recent times. A large number of medical facilities have realized that there is an opportunity in providing technical support for those individuals experiencing various health challenges. Some companies have even gone further to implement on a number of policies and strategies that would help them come up with some innovations that will provide diagnostic and treatment procedures to the women health challenges, which seems to be ignored by the government.


Marc Beer is one of the leading individuals who want to solve women’s health by implementing a large number of innovative policies with the sole aim of helping women. The co-founder of Renovia has embarked on a fund drive strategy that will help his company to accumulate funds with the aim of diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorders. Renovia is a startup company that has been found with the sole aim of solving women health problems. This facility is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


The facility is accumulating funds so that it can embark on a long journey of developing various technologies that will solve the prevailing women health issues. The main purpose of the facility is to conduct extensive research studies on the pelvic floor disorders while at the same time coming up with some advanced technological devices that will help women to treat the problem. This explains why Marc Beer is highly focused on ensuring that he has the funds necessary to start the operations of the facility within a short period.


Surprisingly, Marc Beer has already been able to raise more than $42 million, which have been provided by the well-wishers and other concerned bodies. The funds will be used in performing multiple numbers of activities in the organization such as building capacity in terms of tools and equipment while at the same time assembling a team of individuals who will be able to deal with pelvic floor disorders in a professional manner. A significant proportion of the funds will be used for diagnostic and treatment purposes.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an experienced entrepreneur who has been in the healthcare industry for a longer period. He is well aware of the technical and innovative gap in the field of healthcare, which explains why he has come up with innovative methods to deal with pelvic floor disorders. He has more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical and biochemical industry, which is a clear indication that he has the necessary experience to excel in this area. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/

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