David Taub’s history is with the British Orthodox Jewish community. His parents raised him in the community but he left in 1989 to return to the land of his ancestors in Israel. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.com/

His work as a reserve officer in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) in the International Law division and his work in the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991 made him a good candidate to represent Israel in the Court of St. James in 2011.

He felt honored to be chosen as what some considered a young age to represent Israeli interests in the UK. When he first met with the Queen to present his credentials for the position, he knew the Queen was going to ask how it felt to renounce his British citizenship.

He replied that he felt honored to raise his children to embrace their Jewish heritage. He also felt empowered to make the necessary connections between the UK and Israel.

Daniel Taub understood that it wouldn’t be easy. His connections with the British Jewish community had lapsed. He would need to build bridges between the Jewish communities in Britain and create connections to move forward through industry. He would also need to create a dialogue between the two governments to resolve pressing issues.

His goal in creating this dialogue would be to solidify relationships and improve resources. By making the right connections Taub was able to enact some far-reaching communication goals and establish necessary economic resources. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Financial trade between Israel and the UK has grown under Taub’s ambassadorship. The many political and financial connections he has made between the different factions in the UK and Israel have born much fruit. His faith has been a continuing influence in negotiations between these factions.

Daniel Taub believes that his faith has allowed him to build bridges between people of differing viewpoints. His Orthodox faith has also provided a stabilizing force to resolve issues that have come up during his tenure. Taub resigned as ambassador in 2015.

One of the main goals that Taub accomplished during his tenure as the Israeli ambassador to the Court of St. James was to create a conduit of communication. Since he represented Israeli interests, it was important that he clarify to the British government the Israeli position on a number of issues.

For many organizations, Taub has succeeded in this goal. He understood that the situation in the Middle East was complex and not easily resolved.

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