JHSF is a prominent real estate developing firm situated in Brazil. It was launched in 1972 by two brothers namely; Jose Roberto Auriemo, assisted by Fabio. Initially, the company dealt with construction. Seeing that they made invaluable progress, Jose and Fabio resorted to starting a real estate venture that brought the partners together solely for the development of the firm.

Background Information

In 2001, JHSF underwent tremendous growth when Jose Neto propelled the beginning of major real estate projects. At that juncture, the company penetrated Brazil’s most competitive markets by landing constructive commercial deals. Neto signed a contract with Metro Santa Cruz. This was the first shopping mall to be integrated with the city’s local subway. The concept was a major success as it targeted consumers by offering convenience; similarly, consumers managed to shop and access their preferred transport.

Leading JHSF

Similarly, when it was time to split the firm into two units, Neto supported the initiative; he was trusted to man JHSF while Fabio his brother manned the remaining unit. Since he had vast managerial experience, he was in a position to propel the firm into one of the leading real estate developers in the country. As such, foreign investors flocked into the city; in search of Neto, the revolutionary real estate developer and investor who championed real estate projects. From the reviews given by these clients, Neto has the experience to guide novice and emerging investors in the business.

More about Jose Neto

Jose Neto’s journey to JHSF dates to when he was only 27 years old. He inherited the realms of leadership and capitalized on diversifying the business into an international real estate firm. In 2007, he spearheaded the development of Horto Bela Vista Mall, Catarina Fashion, among others. From his contribution to the industry, it can be deduced that Jose Neto possesses unparalleled entrepreneurial skills in real estate business.

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