Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur based in Arizona, United States. He uses his huge knowledge and experience in the field of technology to make predictions on the future of technological advancements. He has earned the reputation of a futurist through a thorough understanding of the technological concept of Internet of Things. Internet of things is a technology that connects different devices together. He observes that internet of things will be a big player in the future of modern society innovations.

Jason Hope offers insightful advice to business owners and huge tech companies on ways to tap on the recent technological concept. He predicts changes to expect in this area in near future. There will be changes in how we monitor our health status, how we drive and how we do our daily tasks. He explains that most people today just think technology in terms of smartphones and other smart devices. However, this is just a tip of what the internet of things is capable of achieving. In near future there will be great competition in coming up with innovative applications that will steer the internet of things concept.

Jason Hope says that hospitality sector will be one of the great beneficiaries of IoT. Any device that is network enabled such as thermostats and refrigerators will be at the center of this advancement. He quips that as a society we are getting accustomed to technology and demand for it to be available wherever we go will take center stage in near future. People will want to access the amenities at home from the comfort of their offices or on the road. For instance, people will want to link their smartphones to AC units in their homes.

The Internet of Things offers a solution to a myriad of problems we face on our daily tasks. An example is the use of face recognition software to determine a returning guest in a hotel and bring up his personal preferences of that particular guest and enable good customer service. Hope reckons that Internet of Things will stop by a mystery and will a part of our normal life.

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