Banyan Hill Publishing is an interesting website; they provide valuable information on the current investment opportunities that are available to workers in the United States and abroad. Whenever there is a new and exciting way to save and earn money shareholders usually take advantage of it, and Banyan Hill releases an article on how to go about doing just that. Matt Badiali, one of the main editors for the site, is also an avid investor himself, an entrepreneur, and an educator. Matt Badiali has recently rediscovered an old concept from the investment world, an idea that could change the face of investment and save shareholders and the companies that support them a great deal of money. The concept in question is known simply as freedom checks. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali located the idea of freedom checks while performing research into possible investment options that are not currently being tapped by shareholders. The idea originated over a decade ago and takes advantage of government Statute 26-F. The statute is simple; if a company or corporation receives 90% of its generated profits from gasoline or oil sales than an investment option, which uses the statute, cannot be taxed federally. By utilizing this statute in the form of the freedom check, Matt Badiali may have succeeded in putting more money in the pockets of both shareholders and their employers by simply using this option as a payout method. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Shareholders who decide to opt into using freedom checks, once accepted by companies as an investment option, will be able to see a massive increase in saving and retirement plans. The shareholder can easily move funds from their freedom check into any other account, increasing the amount of funds which will then lead to an increase of dividends. There is really no down side to using freedom checks, as Matt Badiali has already pointed out, with huge payouts in the thousands of dollars twice a month to assist in the fueling of the retirement fire.

Whether or not many Americans take advantage of this new system is dependent on how many companies end up supporting it. Based on Matt Badiali there is no reason for them not to, with hundreds of companies already signing and showing their support for freedom check use. As Banyan Hill and Badiali move forward with this new idea there is no doubt an increase in the retirement policies.


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