What would happen if you are employed, and you lost your job today? Investment is highly beneficial primarily to increase your net worth and at the same time have options in case you lose your job. Agora Financial has been an informative financial advisor for enthusiastic readers over the years.

For people starting out or are already well-established investors, Agora Financial is a useful resource. They have online publications, documentaries, books and hold seminars to educate people interested in investing. Their publications are over 20 and each touch on different market areas aimed at helping people understand the financial world better.

What sets Agora Financial apart? Their research is unbiased, and they never accept any money to publish an idea. They also have financial analysts who are experienced. When it comes to research, the company has an annual budget of over $1,000,000 for fieldwork. The analysts are responsible for traveling globally in pursuit of unique investment ideas. For you to succeed when investing, you have to have an eye for unique ideas.

Agora Financial has predicted a series of things that have come to pass. They predicted a mortgage crisis four years before it happened. This gave their readers time to act upon it. Another remarkable prediction was a hike in oil prices which came to pass a year later.

One of its biggest events annually is the Agora Financial Investment Symposium. This event’s main purpose is to bring people together and discuss financial trends in the market. They bring influential speakers who have been in the industry for long. Some of the speakers who have attended in the past are Jim Rogers and Steve Forbes.

Agora Financial has gained recognition from media sources such as Reuters and The Financial Times. They have a flagship daily email briefing which is The Daily Reckoning which is usually published on  regular basis in French, German and English.

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