Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native. He was born in 1947. Today, he is a profound businessman specializing in areas of capital investments, stock markets and as an advisor to re-known investment personalities across Brazil. He enjoys a four-decade experience in investment banking and managing stock market funds. Before working at Bainbridge Inv Inc. Igor has for a long time worked as a banker with different banks.

He started his career in 1970 as an investment banker where he earned himself a reputation. He moved on to work with to work with Multibanco, Rio. Here, he worked his way up to becoming the CEO and later a member of the board in 1976. Two years later Bank of America acquired Multibanco, and it is then that Igor left for Unibanco until 1985. Opportunities opened up when he joined London Merchant Bank. Together with his colleagues, Igor moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, Brazil. He enjoyed seven fruitful years as a board member and a company representative until 1995 when he left to establish his own investment company.

In an interview, Igor Cornelsen states that it was out of his vast experience in investment banking that he was inspired to start his investment company. As an investor, he spends much time trying to understand the trends in economic policies of companies so that he can adjust his investments for more gains. Besides, he interacts with friends to enrich his knowledge and views in business.

He goes further to state that information and timing are key to the success of his business. It is vital that predictions are made with the information available. Igor Cornelsen is competitive; he loves it when he discovers something in the market before his competitors. For example, cryptocurrency market is a new trend. However, he feels that it’s a no-go zone for him until it realizes a little bit of stability. It is too volatile.

He encourages the young entrepreneurs to build their facts out of reading information and not opinion. He feels views are worth listening to but not making business decisions out of them.

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