It takes a very potent foe to counter the US armed forces: Like a hurricane, for instance.

The Gulf Coast is home to dozens of US defense bases and installations representing the investment of hundreds of billions of dollars. And it’s in an area known to many as “Hurricane Alley.” The whole region is in harm’s way when hurricanes start to form.

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was strong enough to bring New Orleans to its knees. DOD bases in the region rushed to help, but would have been unable to assist had they not been able to sustain power, facilities, and logistics. IAP World Services of Cape Canaveral, Florida stands ready to provide the services and materiel necessary to support disaster relief throughout the region, and they’ve proven it through the years.

IAP Worldwide Services is the latest incarnation of a company that’s supported America’s greatness worldwide for the last 50 years. Starting in the 1960’s, IAP progenitor PanAm World Services built and managed the space complex in Cape Canaveral. This is where the American space program took shape and sent the first humans to the moon, as well as pioneering the first reusable spacecraft thanks to the shuttle program.

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In 1989, PanAm World Services became Johnson Controls World Services. Johnson’s role expanded in the areas of energy management and support of DOD bases worldwide. Johnson Controls World Services provided vital support through operation Desert Storm and the ensuing, sustained US presence in the Persian Gulf region.

In 2005, Johnson Controls World Services became IAP Worldwide Services, just in time to keep the men and women of the US armed services supplied and ready to assist FEMA and Gulf-area residents with the aftermath of Katrina.

There’s a deep sense of involvement with the community at IAP. Their dedication to charitable causes in the Brevard County region was recognized with an award from the United Way in 2015.

In a disaster scenario, IAP is able to quickly deploy emergency housing, medical facilities, power generation, sanitation, life support, and even food and beverage services. IAP is a master in logistics, able to quickly reestablish supply lines to keep the fight going, even if the fight is against the chaos following a natural disaster like Katrina.

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    Their contribution of $46,162 in addition to the generosity of their employees to help local charities put them head-and-shoulders above other companies in the area. It is so pathetic that the best essay service I know have a lot in common with these folks too and it’s really doing it.

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