Technology has been a windfall for political campaigners and their constituents. Live streaming, social media, and software programs have paired with the traditional phone to make communication between candidates and the public so much more available. The biggest increase in turnout can be attributed to the latest technological release canvassing software, specifically software used widely by Democratic candidates, NPG VAN.


Democrats, like the Republicans, focus of advertising to promote their candidates. But, instead of advertising dollars being collected from political action groups and big money donors, small donations in denominations of $20 or less are giving the Democrats a huge advantage over Republicans with their super-rich supporters. You see the campaigns produced by Democrats focusing on the issues, while the Republican campaigns focus on attacking the female leaders of the Democratic party. Advertising today takes many forms, the most common among them is advertising through social media.


Live streaming is the latest thing in the political news. There are live streaming television and radio generated by cable news and political organizations. This offers concerned citizens the ability to follow in-the-moment political activity all day every day.

Adding to the traditional advertising and the development of live streaming, advances in canvassing software has made it possible for volunteers from political campaigns to more effectively reach the public. Now volunteers can canvass door-to-door and report results in real time. Moments after the potential voter closes the door behind the volunteer, a record is communicated which says that door was knocked. Now, the volunteer can go on to the next door without worrying if his or her efforts have been duplicated.


The software used most commonly by Democrats is NGP VAN. So far the Republican candidates have not settled on one particular piece of software for canvassing. Fortunately, because Democrats have used the same software since 2010 in iOS and in 2011 in android, the ability to track progress has proven to the campaigners that NGP VAN has been quite successful.


Since its first use, NGP VAN has seen an increase in use by volunteers. Today, about 60% of the volunteers use the software. This eliminates the need for reams of paper to document canvassing activities. This year alone the increase in contacts by volunteers using NGP VAN has jumped by 237% since the 2016 elections.


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