There’s some things nobody wants to hear come out of their own mouth. And near the top of the list is a startled shout of “I was hacked”. And yet, that’s exactly what happened to me. I’m hardly alone in this though. One single piece of malware was recently estimated to have infected around 300,000 computers in a single month. The estimated total cost from cyberattacks is roughly four hundred billion dollars. That cost is not just growing, but outright multiplying every year.


After finding out just how common and costly a problem it is I decided I had to be more proactive. I looked for options and discovered something called Rubica. It’s a service designed to ensure that nobody ever has to yell “I was hacked” ever again. One of the main selling points is ease of use. There’s nothing complex or difficult about using it.


I simply needed to install the program on my internet connected devices. From there I was able to finally take things easy. Knowing that teams of security experts were keeping an eye on data transmissions to my systems was like knowing a security guard was standing watch in front of my door. I knew they’d be able to take care of even the most subtle hacking attempt. And it made me sure I’d never have to yell “I was hacked” ever again (NewYork Times).

Prevent yourself from saying I was hacked and visit

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  1. Malaya Tyrone

    The WannaCry episode is enough to get everyone on their feet and alert about the security of their data. Thats why is making sure that you and your family are safe. Try Rubica and see the difference.


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