Fortress Investment Group has been nothing short of spectacular since its inception in 1998. The private equity firm has since gone public as it now has a presence on the New York Stock Exchange. Indeed, the company that started small has now become a titan in its right.

The equity firm, after many years of prosperity, presently controls over forty-three billion worth of assets. Fortress Investment Group also serves a significant number of consumers, with its main customers being hedge funds, permanent capital firms, and corporations that deal with private equity.

Running a business has always been a risky endeavor but Fortress, through its team of over nine hundred capable men and women, helps neutralize the threats. One fascinating fact is that Fortress is a success because of its top leadership. People like Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens have helped Fortress transition from its simplistic nature and into an institution highly specialized in operations management, capital markets, asset-based investments, and mergers and acquisitions.

Today, Fortress Investment Group gets revered as an institution that knows how to manage physical and financial assets, hence the increase in its cash flow over the years.

Recall, Fortress has one of the best leadership in the world. The company, two decades old, gets run by some of the best hands in business, individuals that are deeply aware of financial matters. Indeed, the Fortress Investment Group we know of today is quite different from the one created in1998. The institution, despite its current successes, has gone through a lot to reach the top.

However, it is the bold moves that the corporation has made over the years that have alleviated it to greatness. For instance, getting listed in the IPO is one of the things that have catapulted the ‘beast of equities’ to greatness.

Additionally, Fortress has used many investment vehicles to speed up its successes. Therefore, Fortress Investment Group is a global pillar because of its out-of-the-box thinking approach. As they say, success is beautiful. Fortress is no longer an independent entity since its acquisition by Softbank in 2017. The private equity firm got bought at a staggering three point three billion dollars because of its successes. In short, Fortress has always been on the radar because of its breakthroughs.

Things are now looking to the upright all thanks to Softbank’s recent acquisition, a move that might see Fortress extend its reach to other regions of the world.

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