ClassDojo is basically an online platform where teachers, students and parents can interact to foster the classroom culture and behavior of their students. The platform is meant to instill values including attitude, hard work, teamwork, participation, adaptation and perseverance among others. Most people have questioned about the significant of the platform to parents and students, and this is what they should know about the service.
How the platform help parents
Parents can access the ClassDojo platform via the company’s website or they can download a ClassDojo app running on Android or iPhone OS. Once they have received invitations from the teachers via email or short messaging mechanism, they can access behavior information about their kids on the various classroom that they attend.
Similar to the profile page created by teachers who joins the platform, parents have their own page where they can view their ‘child behavior donut’, a circle comprising selected behaviors for a particular period of time. They have access to the ‘Class Story’, a tab in their section where they receive photos, videos and messages about the progress of their kids in classrooms. Within the company’s websites, parents are also allowed to send messages to their kids or their kid’s teacher.
How the platform help students
On the students’ portal of the website or application, students are assigned a ClassDojo ‘Monster’, representing a character that is closely related to their personal profile. They are given access to the site to check the number of points that they have gathered as the breakdown of their progress over a particular period of time. Although some of them are part of a multiple number of classrooms, no student is authorized to see their Dojo points in relation to those of their classmates.
The site or platform is equipped with resources in form of videos, photos, and motivation messages geared toward learners.
The entry into the website and the ease of accessing android and iPhone applications is totally free for use by students, parents, teachers and even administrators. ClassDojo is a very effective program claiming over 35 million users across 160 countries. .
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