Both the George W. Bush Presidential Center and the George W. Bush Institute have started the new year off with a bang.

A program called Engage that is run by the Presidential Center was gifted $10 million by Highland capital Management while Boeing Corp. was equally generous with a $10 million donation to support an initiative on the part of the Institute that supports military servicemen in the post 9-11 world.

Highland Capital Management has been a continuous supporter of the Bush Center with donations equaling over $5 million dollars over the last five years. Read this article at Dallas News.

Jim Dondero, co-founder and acting president at Highland Capital expressed admiration at the work being done at the Bush Center and is proud of the center’s ‘impact on the community.’ Dondero went on to say that programs like Engage are facilitators of much-needed dialogue pertaining to important policy issues.

Dondero will also man a seat on an advisory council for the Bush Center that is headed by Center president and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Hersh.

The premier event of the Engage Series will be held February 5 at 6:30 P.M. The event is sponsored by Highland Capital Management and is a two-part series that is a mutual effort on the part of the National Constitution Center.

Admission to the event is free but guests wishing to attend must register at

Christopher Scalia, son of United States Supreme Court Judge Anthony Scalia, and author of a book collection containing Justice Scalia’s favorite speeches will speak to open the event.

Next, a discussion will take place amongst experts regarding what the author of the First Amendment, James Madison might think of today’s media environment.



The Boeing gift to the Bush Initiative is to support an effort to help veterans that served in the post 9/11 world to successfully transition to post-military lives.

Former United States President George Bush has stated that supporting military veterans and family’s will be a central focus for both himself and wife Laura for the rest of their lives. He also expressed gratitude for the Boeing Contribution.

Boeing Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg said that the company is proud to be a part of an initiative that provides support for military personnel ‘beyond the battlefield.’

The Boeing gift is part of a larger three-year commitment to provide $30 million help with the rehabilitation, recovery, and transitional services to United States veterans. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

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