If you want to talk about an anime with a highly anticipated ‘next season’, look no further than Attack on Titan’s futuristic anime scenario. Fans just can’t get enough of this anime adaptation of the manga by the same name. And with an expected release date for the second season due in April of 2017, there’s no time like the present to catch up on season one.

This post-apocalyptic dark fantasy follows a few main characters as they try their hardest to save what little remains of their land.

With humanity forced to live in large cities with great walls to keep out the giant, human-eating titans, the outlook seems bleak. This is especially true when, as a child, lead character Eren Yeager sees the walls to his own city fall. His mother is lost in the attack, and he and his adopted sister are forced to retreat into the next city.

Eren yearns for revenge, not just for his mother, but for humanity itself. He and his friends join up as cadets to fight off titans and recapture the previously lost territory.

Without any spoilers, it’s safe to say that humanity is certainly benefited by the talented and motivated crew that Eren has put together.

Though initially skeptical of the plot, after watching only one episode, I was completely hooked. Eren especially sold the series for me, as he has genuine character growth that is all too often lacking in ‘scary’ programs.

With its second season finally approaching, you should definitely watch Attack on Titan. This is one anime that won’t disappoint.  Not a traditional sword anime, but there’s some really cool swordplay at work here.

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