It can be said without an iota of doubt that George Soros is one of the most significant contributors to the various humanitarian efforts being carried out in the world today. As an individual, he has done privately for many communities across the globe than many governments put together. In this lifetime, George Soros has given away more than $31 Billion towards charity, which includes the recent donation he made about $18 billion to his foundation, Open Society Foundation. It is the second largest charitable organization in the world after Gates Foundation and continues to direct its philanthropic efforts in promoting and supporting education, humanitarian efforts, economic development, ending marginalization, policy reform, democratic ideals, and more.

George Soros has helped in the development of thousands of individuals by supporting their education. He believes that when the individuals from the low income communities become educated, they are geared towards being financially independent as well. It is what would help them uplift their families and communities in the future. George Soros is always regarded as a man with a long term vision. The moves he has made in the political, social, and economic sphere long back has started to mature in many sectors, and it clearly showcases his ability to visualize the future. George Soros has seen more than enough in his life whether it is poverty, war, political games, racism, and more.

George Soros is not only considered a businessman and a philanthropist but is also a thought leader. He often shares his political and social wisdom through the speeches he gives at various conferences world over the articles he writes. In one of the pieces he authored recently, George Soros talked about how marginalization of communities is happening across the globe and how the constitutional rights of people are in danger due to the capitalist threat that is looming over the world. The rise of totalitarianism he believes would come with its peril that needs to be addressed before the situation becomes irreversible. It is for this reason he has chosen the political path to empower the political candidates who believe in the democratic ideals as himself and are committed to ending marginalization, poverty, and oppression in the society.

George Soros has spent millions over the years in political contributions, and when Hillary Clinton announced she is running for Presidency, he didn’t think twice before announcing his support for her. George Soros spent nearly $30 million to put Hillary Clinton in power, and even though he didn’t succeed in making it happen, he continues with his philanthropic and social reform efforts uninterrupted. George Soros currently resides in New York City, where he came after completing his education from the London School of Economics. He has been witnessing many areas of our society that have been dysfunctional now, including social values and the essence of unity in the country. His charity foundation, Open Society Foundation has been working relentlessly to support the local, regional, and international organizations that support the democratic ideals and other causes that George Soros believes in.

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